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Why use Mahara?

Click here to watch a video on the advantages of using Mahara's ePortfolio.

Help Resources


Adding Content
  • Adding profile information  [video]  [pdf]
  • Uploading files into Mahara  [video]  [pdf]
  • Setting up and posting in a journal  [video]  [pdf]
  • Creating your resume  [video]  [pdf]
 Portfolio Pages
  • Introduction to pages  [video]  [pdf]
  • Creating a page  [video]  [pdf]
  • Adding content to a page  [video]  [pdf]
  • Adding external content to a page  [video]  [pdf]                   
  • Adding external links to a page [video]  [pdf]
  • Adding personal info to a page  [video]  [pdf]
  • Adding journal entries to a page  [video]  [pdf]
  • Editing your pages  [video]  [pdf]
  • Creating collections of pages  [video]  [pdf]
  • How to use tags  [video]  [pdf]
  • Sharing pages and collections  [video]  [pdf]
  • Submitting a page  [video]  [pdf]
  • Finding friends in Mahara  [video]  [pdf]
  • Setting up a group  [video]  [pdf]
  • Working in a group in Mahara  [video]  [pdf]
Settings and notifications
  • Settings and notifications on Mahara  [video]  [pdf]
  • Sharing a template with students  [video]  [pdf]
  • Copying a template from your lecturer [video]  [pdf]

If you are a lecturer, the Lecturers Guide can be a useful resource.

If you are a student, you might find the Mahara Quick Start document helpful. 

For more information you can read the Mahara User's Manual.



Frequently asked questions


  • My students’ work is not showing to mark.

The student has not submitted their work. They need to click on the submit button to submit the work (Submitting a portfolio for marking in Lecturers Guide, Page 7).

  • Users do not remember their password.

 The password is the users normal AUT username and password they use for AUT site wide. If they have a problem accessing anything in AUT they need to contact IT Helpdesk on ext 9888.

  • What sort of feedback can I add to ‘pages’ submitted for marking?

Feedback within a ‘page’ can only be added to the overall ‘page’ not an item/block in a ‘page’. You can add comments and files in the feedback area.

  • Is there an easy way to edit the columns within a page?

Yes by changing your preferences as shown in the Lecturers Guide: An easier way to manipulation columns when editing, Page 9.

  • Why do I get lots of emails from Mahara?

 You can change your settings under notifications to email digest so you just receive all your emails grouped together every 24 hours (See the Lecturers Guide Changing your notification preferences, Page 10).

  • What is the maximum file quota allowed for an individual’s account?

 200MB but this can be increased for individuals if required. If uploading videos or graphics that are large it is best to host them somewhere else. For example, Youtube or Photobucket. Also, use file compression to reduce file size of multimedia files.

  • What is the maximum file size for an individual file in Mahara?


  • Can I export and import to create backups for my work?

Yes, you can. The function is available under Portfolio -> Export and Portfolio -> Import. In the meantime, IT backs up Mahara daily, should they be a system fault your work would not be lost.

  • I want a preferred name to appear rather than my AUT name.

 This can be selected under the profile page and preferred name. Only system admin and staff will see the student name as listed on Arion and Blackboard.

  • I am unable to upload files in Mahara after accepting the copyright question.

This tends to happen if users are using Google Chrome as a web browser. Please try using Mozilla Firefox as a web browser instead and this should fix your problem.